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The men who measured Earth’s curves

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How the world’s highest peak was named after a man who had never seen it—and how a mass-mail marketer unearthed its storyRead more at:


How the world’s highest peak was named after a man who had never seen it—and how a mass-mail marketer unearthed its storyRead more at:

How the world’s highest peak was named after a man who had never seen it – and how a mass mail marketer unearthed its story.


For much of 1966, John Keay wrote pamphlets and newsletters to persuade Londoners to hire the One Number Service’s plumbing, gardening and household services.

From his table stacked with mass mails in London’s West End, Keay, the marketing director at One Number Service, began a journey halfway across the world and unearthed and narrated historical stories from all over Asia. He discovered that the world’s highest peak was named after a man who had neither seen the peak nor had any interest in mountains.

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Fort Kochi, Kerala | Remains of a spice coast

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Centuries-old houses and a breeze spiked with spice are reminders that the past is a living thing.

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Or, at least a great many of us do

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The uniforms are 26 percent lighter than their traditional counterparts, which Adidas said its research revealed was most important to players. They come with the ever popular moisture absorbing feature. The sleeves are made with stretch fabric that wraps 360 degrees around the shoulder to ensure full range of motion, because anyone who has played basketball knows how a T shirt sleeve can interfere with a jumper..

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IN THEIR BRAND NEW MIDDLEBURY PLANT, THEY PUMP OUT 600 BOTTLES OF HARD CIDER PER MINUTE. THREE MILLION CASES PER YEAR. MOST COMMON COMMENT I HEAR IS WOW, WE DIDN KNOW HAD THIS MANY STYLES. Mittu will have to be the face [of AirAsia]. He will have to drive the brand. He can’t be Richard Branson and can’t be Tony Fernandes, but then I can’t be him.

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wholesale jerseys No a smart move by the kid so teach him a lesson. You can make him do extra work b/c of the NCAA practice limitations I suspecting so don let him dress out for games for a stretch and don let him travel with the team. Teach the kid a lesson. But some degree of detail is needed to evidence that even with six stoppages across the four major sports in the last 24 years we still come back. Or, at least a great many of us do. All the proof required is that these leagues still exist. wholesale jerseys

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Le principal intress tait bien heureux que l’attaque ait

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“The first attraction (to La Salle),” Brooks told me, “is the fact that you are going to start. (When you’re) playing at a school like La Salle, no one’s going to really take the team seriously. You have nothing to lose. That what we pay her to do. She is no different than an auditor general, who sits on high and judges government performance. But most taxpayers see the auditor general as a hero wholesale jerseys from china, and tsk over the problems he/she uncovers..

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Cheap Jerseys from china We should make some sort of compromise when it comes to voting, not everything.”DuBois is an active member of the Democratic Party, she is Vice Chair of Congressional District 2 (CD2). She is also involved in various community groups and projects.She is the president of the Red Brick Schoolhouse Restoration foundation and she is a certified mediator for the Otero County Magistrate Court. DuBois was a small business owner in Tularosa for 24 years.She owns Halsam Kennels and Dog Grooming in Tularosa where she has worked with dogs up and down the east coast.DuBois said she has held a myriad of jobs throughout her life. Cheap Jerseys from china

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cheap nfl jerseys Importance When you include plenty of fruit in your daily diet, you reap many health benefits. The vitamins, minerals and fiber in fruit helps reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, stroke and heart disease. You should aim to include as many colors of fresh fruit as possible each day, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends cheap nfl jerseys.

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